Lighting can make or break an event. It amplifies your casts theme and story to the audience. Using the right lighting equipment is crucial to get the results you want! We have a wide range of intelligent moving light fixtures, that perform the duties of multiple lights in one fixture. We also stock a wide range of classic theatrical lighting equipment such as followspots to LED wash fixtures. A brief outline of our lighting equipment and services follows:

  • Intelligent Moving Light Profiles and Beams

  • Intelligent Moving Light Profiles and Beams

  • LED Wash Fixtures- Follow spots

  • Lighting Consoles and Computers

  • Lighting Design Services

Moving Profiles Fixtures

DJ Lights

LED Motion Drape


LED Motion Drape, Sound to Light, DMX, A party on it's own!

LED 60W Scanner


Gobo Wheel, Colour Wheel, Strobe, Dimmer, Sound To Light & DMX

Sweeper Beam Light


Sweeper Beam LED creates exciting lighting effects with it's quick sweeping beams and it's 8-Zone LED's

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Martin Rush MH7 Hybrid

Hybrid All-in-One Beam, Spot and Wash Moving Head

$150 plus GST

Martin Rush MH6 Wash

Zoomable LED Wash Moving Head

$100 plus GST

Martin MAC2000 Performance

1200w Moving Profile with Framing Shutters

$270 plus GST

Martin MAC250 Krypton Profile

High performance profile with a separate gobo and color wheel

$120 plus GST

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Smoke, Haze and Bubble

Small Fog Machine

1000W. Inc Full Tank.


Martin Jem Magnum 1800 DMX fogger

High-powered fogger suitable for any event

$45 plus GST

Antari HZ500

High powered oil based hazer. DMX controllable

$80 plus GST

Martin Jem Magnum 2500 HZ

High powered water based hazer

$70 plus GST

DJ Power 1500 Vertical Fogger

1500w Vertical Fogger (CO2 style effect) DMX Controllable

$60 plus GST

Chauvet B250 Bubble Machine

Includes fluid

$35 plus GST

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LED Fixtures

LED Fusion Par Q

High powered IP Rated (waterproof) LED Par with built in wireless DMX

$35 plus GST

LED Quad 180

180w High Powered RGBW Par

$25 plus GST

TrussMate LED Toner

Three 3w Tri-Colour LED, 10 degree beam

$15 plus GST

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Effect Lights

Martin Atomic 3000 DMX

High-powered 3000w xenon strobe

$50 plus GST

LED Blinder 2 cell

LED Blinder/Strobe. Adjustable dimmer curve

$35 plus GST

LED UV Bomber

400w high powered UV flood

$50 plus GST

60W LED Scanner

Bright. Sound Active.


UV LED Parcan

High-powered led parcan


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Lighting Control

High End Systems Hoglet 4 with Touch PC

DMX Advanced Console

$300 plus GST

Chauvet ShowXpress 512

1 universe dongle and license

$50 plus GST

LightKey software on Mac

DMX Advanced Console

$50 plus GST

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Power Distro

Theatrelight TLDB 32a 3Ø Hot Power Distro

12 x 10A circuits with individual breakers

$25 plus GST

Theatrelight RackPack1 DMX 12ch Dimmer 32a 3Ø

12 x 10A circuits with individual breakers

$35 plus GST

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